After recently being accused of being even more fixated with Alex Salmond than George Foulkes The Animal swore he’d lay-off the First Minister for a bit. However following today’s legislative programme announcement, or moreover the reply, it became impossible to resist temptation.¬†Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray isn’t a man famed for pithy humour (quite the opposite some would doubtless suggest) however his attack on Alex Salmond had political friends and foes chuckling as he accused the First Minister of:

“boldly going where no serious economist has ever gone before.”

If the polls are to believed then Alex Salmond is very much facing the Final Frontier, with his government looking extremely unlikely to live long and prosper (that’s enough Star Trek puns, Ed.)

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  2. I like a gag as much as the next guy but was there any substance behind Gray’s line, or indeed this blog post?

    Didn’t think so.

    Infact, what was the point of this post?

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