Andy Burnham's campaign revisionism

Having dispensed with Abbott and Balls, LabourList’s look back at the various leadership campaigns turned to Andy Burnham yesterday. Mark Ferguson writes that Burnham seemed to gain momentum after a slow start. Indeed, the talented and likeable former Health Secretary seemed trapped by his  “northern candidate” status:

“Actually my pitch hasn’t been that I’m from the north … People just choose to hook me in that bracket because of my accent.” – Andy Burnham, Progress Magazine, September 2010

Poor, Andy. How dare those metropolitan Guardianistas pigeon-hole his campaign! But as this humble correspondent observed in a short post for Total Politics, this was actually a problem of his own design. In the TV interview which launched his leadership bid in earnest, Burnham said:

“My background is different. As people can probably hear I come from a different part of the country.” – Andy Burnham, Andrew Marr Show, May 2010

Scrapbook looks forward to seeing Burnham meet a new challenge at the despatch box shortly.