Having dispensed with Abbott and Balls, LabourList’s look back at the various leadership campaigns turned to Andy Burnham yesterday. Mark Ferguson writes that Burnham seemed to gain momentum after a slow start. Indeed, the talented and likeable former Health Secretary seemed trapped by his  “northern candidate” status:

“Actually my pitch hasn’t been that I’m from the north … People just choose to hook me in that bracket because of my accent.” – Andy Burnham, Progress Magazine, September 2010

Poor, Andy. How dare those metropolitan Guardianistas pigeon-hole his campaign! But as this humble correspondent observed in a short post for Total Politics, this was actually a problem of his own design. In the TV interview which launched his leadership bid in earnest, Burnham said:

“My background is different. As people can probably hear I come from a different part of the country.” – Andy Burnham, Andrew Marr Show, May 2010

Scrapbook looks forward to seeing Burnham meet a new challenge at the despatch box shortly.

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