YouTube music videos go head-to-head over "ground zero mosque"

We’ve got to stop the mosque at ground zero!
Thumbing its nose at every victim and hero!

Amazingly enough this comedy-crap ditty against New York’s so-called “mosque at ground zero” (a Muslim centre two blocks away and not visible from the site) isn’t a parody!

Going up against this islamophobic cringefest is the song below. Some of the rhyming may be a bit “white boy” in places but this catchy rap can’t be faulted in its argument:

You’d think with all this outrage from these old white guys they were building a mosque right in the hole, my god / Get it straight: it’s like four blocks away, being built in an old Burlington coat factory

With some of the inflammatory commentary wafting over the Atlantic, Scrapbook is reassured to see at least YouTube users have a modicum of sense.

Here are the ratings for the anti-Muslim video:

Hat-tip on first video: Liberal Conspiracy