“You get what pay for”, said Tory Ian Liddell-Grainger when defending the largest MP expense claims in the South West. “The majority of the money has been spent on staff costs. I employ slightly more people than most but they are a really good team.” So who are is superhuman troupe toiling day and night for the citizens of Bridgewater and West Somerset?

For the taxpayer, “getting what you pay for” means keeping ILG’s wife Jill and two twenty-something children Peter and Sophie on the Parliamentary payroll. The Somerset MP has topped Guido Fawkes’ nepotism survey, employing more members of staff sharing the same surname than any other MP.  Until his youngest daughter was no longer eligible, Liddel-Grainger’s claims for family travel were valued in the top 3% of all 640+ members.

While CCHQ attempted to keep the “deranged” MP under wraps during the election campaign, he still managed to infuriate voters by refusing to take part in debates with other candidates,  telling the BBC he “did not have the time” to attend hustings.

Perhaps he was busy updating his “excellent pussy” blog?

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  7. Ray Andrews says:

    I have met you on a one to one basis, and I believe that you are good MP for the town of Bridgwater. I am given £6,000 per year plus to live on by the present government.
    £1,400 pays the local council tax, the water and sewerage fee is £560.00. I need a car to move around within the county which costs me about a thousand pounds a year. I have looked at the amount that MP’s are paid. Do you not feel ashamed that the OAP’s are paid so little? I find that I’m realy struggleing to live in this country. I am receiving much less than an ileagal imigrant. Please respond to give me some logical reason why I shouldn’t receive more seeing that it is thought that YOU need more to live on!

  8. get real ray this man is a parasite do you think he cares about you or any of the decent hard working people of this country he is only interested in lining his own pockets by what ever means open to him nasty little man cull him.

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