Crispin Blunt's Conservative Association: No gay candidates, please. Give us a "normal" one instead

This blogger has had countless rants over the past 24 hours about the newsworthiness (or otherwise) of Crispin Blunt’s sexuality. Appalling though it is that in this day and age politicians still have to make public statements regarding their sexuality.  It would not be at all suprising if it were designed to pre-empt an involuntary outing in a Sunday newspaper.

Blunt’s constituency Conservative Association have stood by him, saying that it does not affect his position and wishing his family well. It’s nice, at least, to see that Reigate & Banstead Conservative Association have adopted an altogether more enlightened position than the one expressed by their chairman in 2002:

“I would not be happy if we had a gay candidate here – I would always go for a candidate who had a normal background […] Our current MP is happily married with two children.”

With sentiments like that is it any wonder Blunt stayed in the closet so long?

Hat-tip: Next Left