Many readers will be aware that Twitter, having captured the pop culture zeitgeist some time ago, now finds itself a tool of international diplomacy. The @uriminzok account is run by North Korean propaganda agency “The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea”. As we played truant during GCSE Korean, Scrapbook bored quickly of impenetrable Facebook notes but a whole world of video comedy seems to have escaped our notice.

According to the New York Times, clips on the Uriminzok YouTube channel call Hillary Clinton a “minister in a skirt”, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates a “war maniac” and the South Korean defence minister a “servile dog” patted by “its American master”. The account keeps sympathisers on a diet of official news reports, scary singing children and videos about decrepit 1970s trains. Our favourite clip, however, is a jaunty dance number entitled 우리는 조국의 수호자 행복의 창조자-. According to Google Translate this means “We are happy, the creator of the guardians of the country”:

Though it makes for charming viewing, one wonders whether this militaristic prancing might cause concern for diminutive communist dictator:

Have the choreographers of Pyongyang Fallen under the corrupting influence of West Side Story?

Hat-tip: Rory Cellan-Jones

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