Some very good looking men enjoying a drink. Not unlike the Scrapbook team on a Friday night.

The Scrapbook team loves a good pub. Indeed we can regularly be seen setting the world to rights over a pint or ten of heavy. Therefore the demise of the British pub is a matter of some concern to us here at Scrapbook, and it would seem we’re not the only ones.

Politicians have been queuing-up of late to “Save the Great British Pub”, with Labour leadership front-runner David Miliband and London Mayoral Candidate Ken Livingstone the latest to jump on the bandwagon. So as polticians of all hues  have decided to champion the cause of the British Pub, let’s look for a minute at some of the things they’ve done to help them:

  • Year on year increases in beer duty, with some products experiencing a rise of up to 25% in just 2 years;
  • Ban smoking in all pubs and clubs;
  • Stand idly by as landlords and supermarkets engage in anti-competitive practices.

In fact the one bone that was thrown to the licensed trade in the past 10 years, the liberalisation of license hours, looks set to be repealed.

Luckily there at least a handful of inner London pubs that look unlikely to close any time soon!

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