Will any peers be left unharmed by the inverse Midas touch of Russio-Israeli oligarch Mikhail Chernoy? No sooner had Mi5 scotched the appointment of Baroness Pauline-Neville Jones as David Cameron’s new National Security Adviser than it emerges another ermine-wearer has been getting a bit too cosy with the shady tycoon.

Scrapbook hopes that, sooner or later, word will reach the upper chamber that fraternising with people wanted by Interpol in connection with, erm, money laundering and organised crime isn’t a good career move. In the meantime, however, here’s a picture of UKIP’s Lord Pearson being personally presented with an award from the Chernoy-backed Jerusalem Summit:

Mikhail Chernoy and UKIP's Lord Pearson

With the Noble Lord announcing his intention to step down as party leader just three days ago it looks as though UKIP may have had a lucky escape.

Perhaps Pearson should now consult Neville-Jones on the execution of a Keystone Cops-style cover up?

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  3. looking at this post it’s funny that there seems to be the same person using different spellings of his name . Google Michael cherney and low and behold its the same person as Mikhail Chernoy??? Now why would Mikhail westernise his name? Lucky Richard Branson doesn’t call himself Richard Bronson??

  4. Good post David looking on google I think you will find that Michael Cherney alias to Mikhael Chernoy is trying to sue Oleg Deripaska http://www.deripaska.com There’s a reason why Michael Cherney has changed his spelling. look at the Interpol arrest warrants and bad press for his real name under Mikhael Chernoy. Hope this helps.

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