UPDATE 10:40 The culprit was Liberal Democrat deputy head of media Phil Reilly, whose tirade was directed at Ed Miliband’s “letter” to Lib Dem voters in the Guardian. See below for details

After failing to marshal their former leader into a damage limitation exercise and sending their current one into the biggest media cock-up of the summer, it looks like press spinners in Lib Dem HQ have finally lost it. The following tweet, seemingly directed at either Ed Balls or Ed Miliband, was sent from the official Liberal Democrat Press Office earlier this morning:

While Lib Dem activists may roar approval, the sarcastic message reads as concocted in a student halls at 4am on a Saturday morning, hardly in keeping with the sober tone struck by Clegg during his tenure behind the counter.

As Malcolm Tucker once screamed:

“I am not the story here!”

Hat-tip: Luke Pollard

UPDATE: Scrapbook supposed the most likely scenario was an office junior confusing personal and official logins. Amazingly, the staffer careering off message was deputy head of press Phil Reilly who only joined Twitter 12 days ago remarking “slowly catching up with the modern world”. Still a lot to learn, eh?

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  13. But the Sunday Mirror and Evening Standard did it too(!)

    I’m not saying that it garnered the most press but that it was the process story with the most obvious botch by staffers dealing with media side of things.

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  17. Psbook – why are you even explaining yourself to two jerk-offs who spend their time tracking Gordon Brown’s smallest movements? I’m surprised P Staines doesn’t have a blog post about Brown taking a shit in a toilet.

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