Nick Clegg and his staff were left red faced this morning after arranging a visit to a community centre facing the chop due to government cuts. Having not done his homework properly, the DPM arrived at Shepherd’s Bush Village Hall seemingly unaware that the facility was being closed. As the error dawned on Liberal Democrat spinners, his entourage employed “bully boy” tactics in a vain attempt shield him from questions posed by the assembled local press and centre users.

The centre has fallen victim to a policy of asset stripping by Tory-run Hammersmith and Fulham Council dubbed as ideologically driven by opponents. The cuts to a dozen buildings across the borough were supposedly enacted “as a result of the national public spending squeeze”. However council leader Stephen Greenhalgh (who memorably accused the Tory front bench of having never “run a p*ss up in a brewery”) has insisted on pressing forward with electorate-pleasing cuts in council tax despite the claimed difficulties in civic finances.

Scrapbook are currently trying to lay our hands on pictures of the DPM being handed “Save Our Centre” cards by children on the first floor of the building.

Not really the photo opportunity Cleggover wanted.

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  89. tory boys never grow up says:

    I suspect Nick Clegg has been set up by the Tories on this one, so that he doesn’t object too strongly to some proposal in the pipeline. It’s happened before.

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  91. Or maybe he’s just a c*** and you can’t see past that yet. Get into bed with the evil and you too will become evil so sayeth the sayer!

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  107. For a man who’s proved he can limbo dance underneath a rattle snake’s scrotum there will be no disgrace in this. After all, when you can sell your soul and your party’s principles to the Tories for the privelege of power, there are no depths to which you won’t sink. No Jim Barr, he really is a c***!

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