You can always spot the tweets from David Miliband himself because they’re sent via text message. And he can’t spell anyone’s name right. First up, Dianne [sic] Abbott:

The next victim of David’s deed poll service is John [sic] Cruddas:

Suffice it to say the International Brotherhood of Jon were not impressed:

See me after class.

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  4. I think it says a great deal about a person’s respect for others – none of it good – that they can’t be bothered to check the spelling of someone’s name. When you can’t even spell the names of colleagues within your own organisation – and you aspire to LEAD it – it’s just amateurish.

    NB – I guess Miliband D should be grateful that two of his rivals are called Ed. Not even he could get that wrong.

  5. gildedtumbril says:

    Who cares whether millipede can spell? Him and his bro are a pair of not too awfully intelligent parallel universe weirdos, of little or no importance. I would not employ either of them as roadsweepers as I would require the job well done. They do, apparently have some skill at avoiding tax…

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  8. I think I probably forgot Jon Cruddas was spelt without an H too. I also had to scroll back up there and check if it was two Ds and one S, or the other way around. Then again, he never endorsed me for anything.

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