It may have something to do with Westminster’s exodus for Cliff Richards’ villa a yacht in Corfu the outskirts of Dear Old Blighty, but Scrapbook can’t help noticing the number of bloggers on the airwaves of late. Tory Bear’s hour-long LBC love-in with Red Ken on Saturday morning was followed by the appearance of not one but three online hacks on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour.

Media fixture Iain Dale was joined by Hopi Sen and Stephen Tall for a 20-minute discussion focusing on the government’s first 100 days. With Messrs Hutton, Field, Milburn and (possibly) Blunkett taking the Con-Dem shilling it may seem that Gordon Brown’s “big tent” has given way to a more substantial construction.

The recent influx of Labour talent, anathema to the 30 former front benchers found surplus to coalition requirements in May, was lamented by Iain Dale in particular. This blogger has only just got around to listening to it on iPlayer but found this (frustrated) interjection amusing:

Stephen Tall: Personally, I’m in favour of this big and expanding tent. I think it’s good for [interrupted]
Iain Dale:  It’s a marquee!!

Perhaps silly season is getting to us but we couldn’t resist extending the metaphor:

Were Simon Hughes and David Davis spied near the guy ropes clutching scissors?

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