The leadership campaign took a turn for the surreal this evening as David Miliband found himself being chided on Twitter by Labour-voting muso Lily Allen. [Yes, honestly!] When asked in today’s Evening Standard as to the “best meal you’ve had in London”, the shadow foreign secretary said:

“I had a fantastic takeaway from Masala Zone in Camden recently. When you spend lots of time away from home, which I am at the moment, it’s a rare treat to stay in, relax and enjoy a curry.”

The response had Allen choking (with laughter) on her Jalfrezi:

With Allen’s 2.3 million followers (more than the membership of the UK’s biggest union Unite) Mili-D rose to the challenge and upped the stakes with an invitation to a fundraiser at his favourite takeaway:

But he fell foul or the maxim to never work with children or animals (or popstars) as it all seemed to deteriorate from there:

“@DMiliband I’ve eaten there myself and while the food is perfectly nice, I very much doubt that it is the BEST meal you’ve had in London.”

“@DMiliband quite a well considered answer for a campaigning labour politician though. MOR.”

“@DMiliband hang on, are you getting free curries for mentioning them?”

“Why did David Milliband cross the road ?”

“To get to the middle…….#VoteEd

The closing hashtag left hacks scratching their heads as to which Ed she had endorsed. The constituency most pleased by this episode won’t be the Edwards, amused Tweeters or even the proprietors of Masala Zone but gossip-starved Sunday newspaper diary columnists.

That’s one story sorted then.

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