So freshman Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert has rankled Tom Harris with his patronising suggestion that MPs should undergo a science training course so that they are “able to understand the information they were being presented with”.

With a PhD in biological chemistry, brainbox Huppert churned out papers on such accessible topics as the “Prevalence of quadruplexes in the human genome”. He will presumably, therefore, understand the following notation:

ClCH2CH2Cl + 3 Cl2 → Cl2C=CCl2 + 4 HCl

According to Wikipedia (so it must be true), this is the chemical reaction to produce tetrachloroethylene, the chemical used in, erm, dry cleaning.


  1. Possibly he is trying to minimise his, and more importantly the dry cleaning workers to tetra chloroethylene classes as a 2A carcinogen – probably causes cancer in humans

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