It’s the goat story that shows no signs of slowing down! This week, Scrapbook reported that after showing up the Treasury’s “Spending Challenge” site, many were wondering how long it would be until the goat* became more popular than the Liberal Democrats.

Well, it appears we need ponder no longer. A YouGov poll, released this week, puts the Liberal Democrats on a lowly 13%. As this is an evidence-based gossip blog, Scrapbook set about poring over the figures and discovered something explosive: the goat already has more followers than the Lib Dems.

In a poll of over 2000 people, just 243 said they would vote for the junior coalition partners if there was an election tomorrow.

Meanwhile, over 900 people have been swept up in Goatmania**.

*As co-owners, Scrapbook would rather not be involved in the factionalism that threatens to tear the left apart over the issue of naming the goat.

**If you’re still unsure why¬† you should #VoteGoat, read this.

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