A campaign to stop the English Defence League’s planned march through Bradford during the August bank holiday is gathering momentum. A petition with over 6,000 signatures has been met with the backing of local paper, the Telegraph & Argus, who write that “it is something that this city does not need, want or welcome. We believe that if this march were to go ahead it could only damage community relations and threaten the prosperity and harmony of the city and district”.

The EDL seem to have their hearts set on a repeat performance of civil disturbances of 2001, which saw violent clashes on the streets of Bradford, along with Oldham and Burnley. In a move tailor made to inflame racial tensions, the group have attempted make a bulk purchase of Islamic garments to wear during the march.

The following video was dispatched to Hope Not Hate’s gigantic email list in the last hour:

As with perennial “no platform” debates, however, it seems the left is by no means united in its wish to prohibit the demonstration. Sunny Hundal writes at Pickled Politics:

I think the English Defence League are full of far-right racists and people out to create trouble. But as I’ve said before, I do not want to see protests and marches by any groups banned, even if they’re the far-right. It creates a very dangerous culture of people calling for bans of any marches by people they don’t like.

It can’t end well.

Photo: Marc Vallée

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