What is it about Conservative Party and social media comedy gold? During the election they found their much vaunted Cash Gordon site redirected to pornography by hackers. Having finally got their hands on those red boxes, no sooner had they launched the Spending Challenge website than it became an unmoderated forum for racists to rant about “immergrants” [sic] and tongue in cheek suggestions for “a windfall tax on people called Steve”, “sell the unemployed after six months on benefits” and a very good recipe for beef and vegetable casserole, inter alia.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! To give this whole cuts in public spending thing some down-with-the-kids street cred, Spending Challenge has its own Facebook group which – at the time of writing – has, um, a risible 69 followers. This would be slightly less embarrassing if the page hadn’t been live for several days following its launch with some fanfare, including a video conference between David Cameron and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The short exchange features an absolutely cringeworthy performance from Dave, who outdoes even his own stellar best on the phoniness front:


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