UPDATE: Tweetminster have now uploaded the documents, all linked below. Mandelson was on very good form depsite illness cutting short an interview with The Guardian yesterday. “This chat is on the record. But whatever you do …”, he said darkly as the assembled bloggers half-expected a Mandelson threat of New Labour folklore, “please link to the Amazon page“! Anthony Painter has a substantive overview of the 90 minute event, including Mandelson’s plea to “rock the f**cking boat”.

A couple of the Scrapbook team are currently en route back from a bloggers’ briefing from the Dark Lord himself, where a small batch of Mandelson’s papers were released.

The source material includes:

We’ll be posting the whole lot in full. In the meantime, however, enjoy this alternative memoir advert from the inimitable Beau Bo D’Or:

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