With slick direct mail from David Miliband hitting members’ doormats in the past few days,¬†Ladbrokes have cut his odds to seize control of the party at conference in September.

Spokesman David Williams said: “It increasingly looks like a family affair. The Milibands have an iron-grip on the race to be Labour leader and David is the one with all the momentum. His odds continue to shorten.”

  • 2/5 David Miliband (from 4/9)
  • 5/2 Ed Miliband
  • 12/1 Ed Balls (from 10)
  • 25/1 Andy Burnham (from 20)
  • 40/1 Diane Abbott (from 33)
  • Either Miliband 1/14
  • Not a Miliband 6/1

It’s not all bad news for Miliband Jr, though. Research by Left Foot Forward indicates that Ed will strongly benefit from second preferences under the alternative vote system.

This could go down to the wire.

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