Labour Students is notoriously right wing. During this blogger’s time as a student the story of the Scottish contingent’s journey to national conference, where they abandoned a group of Trots at a service station in Carlisle and then affixed an icepick to the front of the bus, was regularly (and boastfully) recounted.

Today the left in Labour Students are altogether more subdued, being quite content for the organisation to be controlled by a Progress-dominated group of centreists. This Animal was hardly surprised therefore to learn that Labour Students’ National Committee will be recommending its members vote David Miliband for Labour leader.

This decision, however, has not gone down too well with the twittersphere. While some have been complaining about a lack of transparency, others have argued that NOLS should have remained impartial.

Twitter has  given the left in Labour Students a voice – better get the icepicks out!

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