Yesterday, Scrapbook reported that the Government’s “Spending Challenge” Facebook page had attracted only 69 fans after almost a week.

In response to this hugely embarrassing story for the Treasury, a new Facebook page was set up today, entitled “Can this goat get more followers than HM Treasury Spending Challenge?” In what will surely go down in history as the moment the Con-Dem’s honeymoon ended, the goat overtook HM Treasury Spending Challenge at around 2:30pm – less than an hour after the page going up.

At the time of writing last update, the goat has 259 fans 716, whilst HM Treasury Spending Challenge languishes on a mere 75 85.

With the Liberal Democrats only receiving 13 points in the latest YouGov poll, the question on everyone’s lips is: How long before this goat has more followers than the Lib Dems?

UPDATE: Pun of the month goes to Sunny Hundal: “An unnamed goat has stormed ahead in Facebook fans stakes by comprehensively bleating [geddit?] the government’s Spending Challenge website yesterday.”

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  9. Well, the Liberal Democrats have 96,637 FB fans at the moment, so can probably hold off the goat challenge for some time.

    And if you think that this “will surely go down in history as the moment the Con-Dem’s honeymoon ended” then I suggest you lift your eyes from your navel….

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