On October 2008 ConservativeHome published an article entitled “How to be a good Mayor” by Barry Phelps, the former Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea. Likening the role of a civic figurehead to that of the Queen, Phelps observes:

“While Mayor you can do no wrong with Council Standing Orders always  starting: The decision of the Mayor shall be final”

The former Mayor may today find himself hankering for the immunity previously afforded him by local government’s high office. Phelps and his Conservative colleague Cllr Mark Daley handed in their resignations yesterday before an official complaint could reach the borough’s Standards Committee on Wednesday.

The Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle reports:

Barry Phelps fired off a series of emails to Councillor Mark Daley, displaying black and white images of young boys with sexually suggestive captions added by Mr Phelps. Both handed in their resignations on Monday. The emails were reported to the council by Justin Downes, leader of the Residents First campaign group, who had been alerted by a concerned resident. “These were innocent images and Councillor Phelps has created sexual overtones to them,” Mr Downes said.

One assumes ConservativeHome won’t be offering a repeat performance of Phelps’ lecture on conduct in local government.

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