Charles Kennedy loves Westminster – of that there can be little doubt. A consummate debater since his days at Glasgow University, the Rt Hon Member for Ross, Skye and Lochaber has been a regular fixture in the House (and the various other parliamentary facilities) since standing down as leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2006.

However Mr. Kennedy has recently been conspicuous by his absence. Last week Charlie failed to appear to back the inclusion of Trident, missed another vote on the government’s deficit reduction plan, and last night failed to turn up to support the Government’s proposed VAT rise.

Charlie hasĀ reportedly remarked to a Labour MP:

“I don’t want to vote for these bastards.”

So far, at least, he hasn’t very much.

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  7. With respect Chuck, very few people voted for you Lib Dem wunch of bankers. As a tory it turns my stomach having to rely on you lot in any way. Clearly your party was totally unprepared and unworthy of any serious office.

  8. Charlie

    Just have a drink, it worked before you useless scotch bastard. I have a few numbers for gay chatlines if you want to switch vices.

  9. Major Plonquer says:

    Charlie and his whisky bottles are in good company and he won’t be the first politician to let a wee dram get in the way of doing the job he’s paid for.

    As Abraham Lincoln famously said after a week long drinking binge, ‘I set who free?’

  10. Shurely not undertaking a one man support campaign for the Scottish Whiskey Association again is he.

    We don’t need a drunken sanctimonious Scottish prig like him.

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  12. As a LibDem, I am very proud of any of our MPs who live by principle. Those MPs who decide not to vote are just as liberal as those who do. The Coalition is not a merger, we have our own minds. I agree with Charles…and Nick. It is possible to do both.

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