“Meanwhile, it also emerged that the luvvie pen-pushers at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport blew an eye-watering £70,440 on first-class travel in the past two years alone”, wailed The Sun in a recent piece on its so-called “war on waste”. Please allow Scrapbook to provide some context!

Amount the Department of Culture, Media and Sport – 500 staff – was lambasted by The Sun for spending on first-class travel in two years:


Amount “community charity” My Generationless than 10 staff – spent on travel in just one year, only to see its Tory chief executive Shaun Bailey commissioned to write three articles for The Sun, who tipped him to be Britain’s “first black PM”:


It’s almost as if they’re, um, supporting the Tories or something?!

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  3. It is rather sad that you are engaging in trying to do down the good work of a charity. If you actually bothered to find out about the good work this charity does you would understand that much of their work Is taking people to places. If you consider the travel costs of a school which has to ferry pupils to sports fields many have similar levels of costs.

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