Having last week raised the prospect of taking Boris’ buffoon act to the Nth degree Lembit Opik  has announced that he will stand for Mayor of London “if London wants it and Lib Dems want it”. The former Montgomeryshire MP and columnist for newstand pornographers the Daily Sporttold BBC Breakfast this morning:

“I’m potentially standing for mayor of London after one or two senior Lib Dem MPs in London suggested it … I don’t know for sure if it’s a viable campaign, we’re trying to get a manifesto together … What a great media opportunity for [the press] if you have three colourful characters running for mayor.” – Lembit Opik

You can always trust Google News to highlight an amusing turn in events:

Have you heard the one about Lembit running for Mayor of London?

*No, seriously, he really does (not safe for work).

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