Iain Dale’s post earlier today announced the end of his campaign for a Commons seat but seemed to leave the door ajar as far as Westminster is concerned:

Anyway, there are things I’d rather do over the next few years rather than flog what I consider to be a dead horse. I’ve always wanted to be a parliamentarian, but I’m not obsessive about it – perhaps that is where I have gone wrong!

Note the choice of words. One would usually say “I’ve always wanted to be an MP” but Dale writes “I’ve always wanted to be a parliamentarian“. There’s a difference there as the latter formulation would include peers.

By writing to Sayeeda Warsi to expunge his name from the candidates list (and then blogging about it) Dale signals clearly to the top brass that there will be no 11th-hour run for selection. His allies within the party and others who might want to see him in parliament are thus left with one option.

Notwithstanding his habit of treating other bloggers like children, Dale is solid media performer with a strong track record in publishing. Formalising his involvement with the party in this way might be an astute move on Cameron’s part.

Lord Dale of Ashton Ashdon?

  1. Major Plonquer says:

    I think it would be marvelous having Dr Dale join the red benches. It would certainly be one small step to correcting the gender balance.

  2. Who’d want join a club that lets people like Prescott join it, I can’t imagine anything worse than sitting opposite (I assume Iain would sit opposite) Prescotts sneer for anytime at all, sounds like hell to me.

  3. Iain is an interesting read. Sometimes I do wonder. As when he describes himself as being able to bring experience in the Real World to his efforts. As a classic member of the London Mediocracy the real world is largely if not wholly absent from his background.

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