It seems the Tory MP for Bridgwater is partial to innuendo that would not amuse his great-great-great grandmother. While Scrapbook isn’t given to outbreaks of prudishness, crass references to female genitalia perhaps stretch the appropriateness of what should appear at the top of an MP’s website:

The site of Tory toff Ian Liddell-Grainger features the “Excellent Pussy” blog, ostensibly written by his cat Mogg. ILG has reportedly used this feline nom de guerre to pursue poisonous vendettas not only against local government staff but also his own Conservative colleagues:

The details of the long-running row are complicated and possibly irrelevant to anyone living outside Somerset, but they include calling the [retired chief executive of Somerset Council] a total twit, Judas, a little man smaller than life and twice as creepy, mad, in need of medical help (with a helpful link to a Tourette’s website), plus false allegations of adultery, lying and corruption and an insulting YouTube video, now taken down. Another Tory MP, Bob Neill, even complained when his colleague invented a swear-laden harangue which he claimed Jones had addressed to Neill.

Liddell-Grainger should prove to be a ticking time bomb for Tory whips, who struggled to keep him under wraps during the election.

Unhinged isn’t the word.

Hat-tip: Grace Fletcher-Hackwood

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