You heard it here first … well, the rumours at least. The Mirror reports the Tories’ failed PPC for Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park has made her way into Westminster through the back door: as a publicly-funded special adviser to Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith. Stroud’s role heading up IDS’ Centre for Social Justice left her as lead contenter for a political role within DWP despite revelations of her “pray the gay away” homophobic antics.

Former Tory spin doctor Nick Wood founded Media Intelligence Partners, beneficiary – to the tune of more than £20,000 – of Nadine Dorries’ flagrant and quite scandalous abuse of her office expenses. As a side note, Wood is listed as press contact for CfSJ. In any case he never returned Scrapbook‘s call last Thursday.

Now we know why.

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