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“What do you mean? Of course she’s suitable for the equalities brief – she’s a woman!”

One can only assume the discussion of Theresa May’s appointment as Minister for Women and Equality went something along these lines. Perhaps they should have looked at her voting record? May opposed or was conveniently absent for divisions on the following crucial equalities votes:

  • Repealing section 28
  • Equalising the age of consent in homosexual relationships to 16
  • Gay adoption rights
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which would give lesbian couples the ability to receive fertility treatment
  • Gender Recognition Act that allows transsexuals to change their legal gender

A Facebook group calling for her resignation has now cracked 32,000 members:

“This is not an anti-Tory campaign. We do not oppose Theresa’s appointment as Home Secretary. We simply do not believe she is appropriate for the position of Equality Minister.”

While its creators have expressly ring-fenced the campaign to the issue of equality, others clearly have different ideas. As many Labour ministers have discovered to their cost, the Home Office is a crowded political graveyard. One prominent Conservative Party activist told Scrapbook this week:

“Home Secretary? There’s a six-month ticking time bomb under Theresa May”.

Hat-tip: Left Foot Forward

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  11. The amount of members has now risen above 70,000. I am one of them. Renouncing equality as she seems to be doing so is be a serious prejudice.

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