Scrapbook will forgo the usual (attempts at) insight/wit and let the words speak for themselves:


UPDATE 21:44 Now on third viewing of this. Genuine passion transcends campaigns. He’s so into it he doesn’t even stop for the clap lines.

UPDATE 22:08 See also Anthony Painter’s post on Left Foot Forward.

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  46. Andrew Denny says:

    So if he’s so fired up now, what on earth has he been doing the last 13 years? Oh, for heaven’s sake.

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  55. Phil Thoms says:

    Everyone in the UK needs to watch this: it’s genuine, full of sense and could win the election.

  56. IamhewhoisIam says:

    if he’d acted like this since becoming Prime Minister, I’d vote for him without hesitation. The way it stands, I’d only vote for Labour now if he resigned and his (obviously very good) speechwriter took over.

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  64. It’s not the speech it’s the delivery, it’s the little skip when he steps away at the end, it’s the belief of his old university days coming through. You almost expect him to say, ‘Sod it’, screw up his own manifesto and start writing something with a bit of vision.
    He’s actually enthused by what he’s saying and not acting – show me a moment when Cameron or Clegg have been anything other than PR men reading a speech.

    And this isn’t the first time he’s spoken with such passion, check out a few of his older speeches on poverty.

    Will the left please stop playing at politicians and get on with what you believe in and be damned.

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  76. Very impressive speech, I’d love to believe he wrote it himself. That said, lets not forget that people are voting anti labour in general due to practical reasons. You can have the best intentions in the world but if you are incompetent and cannot deliver them, then you’re never going to win votes.

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  98. Shame he didn’t share the view of wealth serving more than the wealthy before the credit crunch when he let the city pay themselves as much as they wanted. He’s changed his tune…

  99. Jeni Harrison says:

    The best speech of the whole campaigbn – people need to wake up and realise what he says is true – that wasn’t spin or PR it was genuine passion.

  100. This was a good event. Citizen’s UK told him what they wanted to hear, he told them what they wanted to hear, and everyone looked cheered up. Now back to reality.
    It’s the best time to start fighting back, when you’re about to be pushed off a cliff.

  101. purleese. a weeping 14 year old tells how her mum works for peanuts as a cleaner in the Treasury and the Great Helmsman feels her pain.

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  122. I notice he refers to everyone else, great campaigns, real causes, and even Saint Obama, but he neglects to connect with the simple damning comment on his record. How anyone can stomach him turning around and using her as an example of why he should be elected again is beyond me. As for the grand associations, he never had a mandate from the people, he was shoehorned into power by his cronies. Flowery bollox.

  123. At last we see the real passion; the real man and not the forced smiles required by the spin doctors. Why hasn’t this had more media exposure I wonder?

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  147. Never doubted the passion just the willingness to share it with us…just not brave enough and soon enough. A good man at a bad time. Sorry Gordon but I think you will go, and sadly for the wrong reasons.

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  156. Even if this fails to touch you, please vote for Gordon. Anything else is a waste.
    A vote for Ameron is a vote for a ghastly past. It will lead to the pauperisation of the country and the shredding of the arts. For the sake of the BBC license fee alone, vote for Gordon.

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  160. How great is Gordon Brown – committed, full of heart, dedicated. We would have seen more of this real Gordon if only the likes of the Sky/Tory news were impartial & observers instead of “bigoted” – yes I said it – against Gordon Brown & Labour. Go on Gorden give them hell. I think he’s going to blow all the polls & negativaty away on Thursday.
    As we say in Scotland – Wits fur ye’ll no go by ye. (What’s meant to happen will happen)

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  162. John Jones says:

    It just been totally removed from the viewing lists after sitting at number 1 viewed, while others like the Tory 13 yeas of Labour one sits there.

    Very Odd!!

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