You thought Cameron’s gay rights interview was bad? The BNP’s “press spokesperson”, John Walker, ran him pretty close on Stephen Nolan’s Radio 5 show last night. Walker, clearly in urgent need of assistance to differentiate ginglymus and posterior, wasn’t in possession of the facts on his party’s own manifesto pledges. Yeah, and he … erm … forgot what date the election is on!

SN: When is the election?
JW: What are you talking about now?
SN: I’m asking you what date the election’s on.
JW: The 5th of May.
SN: It’s not the 5th of May it’s the 6th of May.
JW: The 6th of May.
SN: Is your party really ready for government? You don’t know what date the election’s at, you don’t know what the inheritance tax threshold is, you haven’t costed anything! … It is astonishing that you don’t even know what date the election is!
JW: Well that was a Freudian slip, Stephen, I think that’s very unfair for you to …
SN: A freudian slip? What was Freudian about it?!

The comedy kicks off at around 0:30, with Walker’s wild guess at the inheritance tax threshold:

[gplayer href=”″][/gplayer]

And the worst interview of the election campaign goes to …

Hat tip: @beelay

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