UPDATE 0:17 Despite containing some weapons-grade meeja b*llocks (the meaningless “inspiring knowledge, music and culture” anyone?) completing the beeb’s Strategy Review consultation on the cuts will hopefully be worthwhile. You can skip most of it but hang in there for questions 5 and 9.


Moving pre-emptively to avoid Cameron and Murdoch doing the surgery, Auntie has opted for what it presumes is the path of least resistance and is amputating two radio stationsScrapbook isn’t familiar with the Asian Network but BBC 6 Music is an unassailable instance of the Corporation providing what the private sector will never, ever be interested in.

At about 2m30s in this clip from Channel 4 News there’s some great gallows humour from Adam Buxton as he challenges his boss to a fight. From the expression on his face the D.G. is evidently in dire need of a sense of humour transplant:

“Mark ‘Thommo’ Thompson, I’m inviting you out for a fight. I can take you, I’ve been practising. No, seriously …”

The Facebook group is about to bust through 100,000 members and over 4,000 tweeters are sporting this Twibbon on their profile.

John Peel must be ‘spinning’ in his grave.*

* GEDDIT??!! Peel would be the first to appreciate this joke, especially in such a good cause.

Hat-tip: @gjcsouthsea

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