The Conservatives have probably had better weeks:

  1. Their flagship campaign fell on its arse to the sound of universal ridicule.
  2. David Cameron’s composure and position on LGBT rights fell apart during an interview with Gay Times.
  3. The gap with Labour was squeezed to just two points.
  4. The beleaguered web team managed to come out with something even more crap than Cash Gordon.
  5. After those airbrushed posters, Andy Coulson dumps their ad agency 42 days before the election.

Here’s to many more.

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  2. Very clever and who said the left didn’t learn anything at their state (private) schools – I would rather 7 bad days than 1,825 more of Gordon, even you’ll admit this. If he does scrape in and get replaced, who will do it, Harman, Milliband (either), Balls….heaven help us.

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