“The combination of inexperience, opportunism and stupidity is a lethal cocktail … The time has come, as the crucial hour approaches, to send a man to do a man’s job.” – Simon Heffer

Just how weakened is Boy George – and it is Heffer that invokes this metaphor above – when even the Tory right prefer Ken Clarke?

The Conservatives’ biggest Europhile as (shadow) chancellor would be popcorn-worthy.

UPDATE: 16:27 Nearly three in four (72%) of Tories voting in this House of Twits poll would also prefer Clarke.

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  2. Who could possibly suspect the tory right, either traditional or still nastier of political cupidity?

    But . . . might they ditch EU Ken after the election were he to object to their anti EU nonsense?

    In favour of Redwood most likely, perhaps after Osborne or some other loon had replaced Chameleon.

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  4. Heffer and his right-wingers are to Cameron and Osborne what TUSC is to New Labour.

    To date however the Hefferistas have not decided to run 40 extreme right wingers against the official Party candidate……..

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