#KerryOut phone canvassing falls short of target

The Bristol East phone canvassing drive forming a main pillar of the discredited #KerryOut campaign reached an embarassing end on Sunday, achieving only a tiny fraction of its own target. After more than ten weeks of “activity” the totaliser on MyConservatives.com stood static at just 8% late last week, failing to make any significant progress before all traces of the failed initiative were expunged from public view:

As a supposed symbol of the party’s modernisation, Adeela Shafi found herself introducing David Cameron at the Conservatives’ 2008 conference in Birmingham. But it was being thrust onto the blogosphere as the figurehead of a Tory attack campaign that elevated her profile to the point where her parlous financial affairs piqued the interest of a national newspaper. Shafi’s absence from the list of leading Muslim candidates name checked by David Cameron in a recent speech is poignant to say the least.

Look, everyone! It’s the irony train! Choo, choo!