Numerous tweeters had noted the similarity between the shrill, shallow, populist Carol Vorderman and the shrill, shallow, populist Sarah Palin before a member of the audience did so with some style, adding that that Boris Johnson wasn’t the only Tory on the panel.

Dimbleby had it about right:

“This programme is an hour … it felt like more to me”.

UPDATE 5 MARCH Guido has pitched in with this:

For someone who has been on television for donkey’s years, her performance last night was less than exemplary. Reading constantly from CCHQ briefing notes she gave a blizzard of Tory lines.  As head of the Conservative “Maths Task Force” Vorderman seems to be edging towards a peerage, though this idea took a hit last night.

UPDATE 8 MARCH The internet, it seems, has an insatiable desire for all things Carol. Scrapbook is getting so many hits that it’s worthwhile posting some “highlights” (if you can call them that).

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  7. Grumpy Old Man says:

    The word you were looking for is, “Metamorphoses”. Another victim of “Education, Education, Education” exposed. Not even taught how to use a spell-checking program, poor thing. Ms. Vodermann did a really good job on exposing Labour hypocrisy on non-doms though, didn’t she? Nothing to do, of course, with this tatty little piece of hate-mail.

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  14. I wasn’t surprised that she’s a quite a Tory, it happens that way with people in the media. However she’s not as clever as she’s been made out to be and Will Self managed to slap her down quite easily quite a number of times. Yes she is a shallow reactionary in a very literal sense.

  15. Lindsay McEwan says:

    Carol came across as likeable as Marmite. Perhaps an acquired taste, but horrid to the majority!

  16. David Griffiths says:

    In a Question Time that generally had some good, lively debate, Carol Vorderman was a big, big disappointment, & came across as a political lightweight, despite donning on a Tory mantle. She appeared to almost totally depend upon a prepared script for the questions she thought would come up, engaged in hardly any eye-contact with the camera (surprising for someone who has been on television for many years, and was frequently abrasive & dismissive towards panellists with whom she disagreed. Her agent needs to talk to her very firmly & provide some coaching lessons if she is thinking of appearing again on that or similar radio nor television shows. But please, can we have a rest from her media appearances for a while? She is in danger of losing a lot of faithful fans.

  17. David Griffiths says:

    In a Qiuestyion Time that generally had some good, lively debate, Carol Vorderman was a big disappointment & out of her depth. She appeared to almost totally depend upon prepared scripts, engaged in very little eye-contact with the camera for an experienced tv broadcaster, & was frequently abrasive & dismissive towards other panellists. If she is to appear on similar tv or radio shows again she needs some coaching about how to debate Meanwhile, please can we have a rest from her media appearances? She is in danger of losing some faithful fans.

  18. Carol Voorderman, the thinking man’s Geri Halliwell, that head down delivery made me think she may have been reading directly from a copy of the Daily Mail. How did that piece of wood called Lord Adonis get so far in politics? He came across like a customer services manager of Halfords. Funny how the audience just seemed to tune out the difficult stuff Will self had to say about the Bulger case.

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  20. @Grumpy Old Man: I did spell this wrong but because I used an ‘a’ instead of an ‘o’ i.e. metamorphasises and not metamorphosises. Oxford English Dictionary —

    metamorphosize, v.
    Forms: 18- metamorphosise, 19- metamorphosize. [< metamorphos- (in METAMORPHOSIS n.) + -IZE suffix. Compare earlier METAMORPHOSE v.] 1. trans. To cause to undergo a change of form, nature, or character; to metamorphose (a person or thing). 2. intr. To undergo a change of form, nature, or character; to metamorphose.

    “Metamorphosises” is therefore surely the correct tense to use here?

    If I can’t spell properly you can blame the Tories 😉

  21. socialsurgeon says:

    Nauseating, a vacuous narcissist brimming with toxic mediocrity… this coming election will hopefully consign her and her myopic tribe to years of silent, servile dissipation

  22. @Political Scrapbook, your use of tense is correct and arguably preferable. While the grapheme “metamorphoses” is acceptable, it is unclear, as it is represents the plural of “metamorphosis” as well as the third person present form of “metamorphose”.

    I think there is a spelling shift issue here, as well. If Oxford spelling (with z preferred over s in these contexts), were not now regarded as somehow American, the clearest option for a writer of British English would be “metamorphosizes”, thus avoiding the unruly cluster of esses at the end. However, this seems to be a point on which American and British spelling are diverging, so we are left with the awkward choice between two somewhat unsatisfactory words.

    As above, any flaws in my argument can be ascribed to a Tory run education, any strengths are entirely my own doing.

  23. I’m amazed that you could get a peerage for co-hosting ‘Countdown’ a programme that was lambasted as total rubbish, the first programme shown on the new Channel 4 back in 1982. Mind you Elton got made a knight of the realm for singing ‘Candle in the Wind’ in the Abbey so stranger things might yet happen. I used to fancy Carol V. a lot I must admit and she’s got even better looking with the years, but the pseudo-academic librarian’s glasses, the inability to debate or even be interesting and the sniping has made the bubble burst, a sort of female Richard Madeley (did you see him on Question Time, a frighteningly authoritarian person if ever there was one). Did you notice how Boris J didn’t get involved by backing her up, a wise wise tactic indeed. Will Self shone as a ever and the audience as somebody else said, just tuned-out the difficult but largely correct stuff he had to say. I came to the conclusion that people in the UK, particularly the SE aren’t really all that healthy in a psychological sense.

  24. She did look and clearly was out of her depth and honestly sounded like a drunken person at times. I was anticipating for Boris or David Dimbley to say come on Carol we all had a drink. But that would have just exasperated the situation, she probably would have snapped out at them.

  25. David Mansell says:

    “Metamorphose” is the most commonly accepted form of the verb. The SOED has “metamorphize” but “metamorphosize” is a sort of double formation (like “preventative” instead of the correct “preventive”) and doesn’t appear in either Chambers or the SOED. Why use more letters than you have to?
    Carol Vorderman was quite good at arithmetic on Countdown, but she didn’t always get the answer and she only got a third-class degree in Maths. By Michael Gove’s criteria she wouldn’t be allowed to be a teacher.

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  27. Me and my girlfriend buy vegetrain food from the supermarket, some years ago Carol Vorderman starting appearing in pictures on the packaging for some of the items, we hated her so much even then before this display of shallow right wing populism that we removed the packaging because the thought of her put us off the idea of eating the food. She has always had a reputuation for being personally a bit odd, she had a very awkward relationship with her own father who she reputedly refused to speak to for years due to some family problem or other, the idea of her being a fitting person to influence what maths lessons my children follow is only slightly less frightening than the idea that she should be allowed to pontificate on subjects such as the family, law making etc

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