UPDATE 10 MARCH With more than 10,000 views in one day, this little video has gone viral!

UPDATE 11 MARCH Dave’s “hairbrush moment” is now the 3rd most viewed YouTube video in the world and is due to crack 40,000 views barrier later today.

Living up to an airbrushed version of yourself must be hard going. It’s therefore reassuring to see that Dave has been taking hairstyling tips from former US presidential hopeful John Edwards: never allow a live camera to compromise the status of your barnet. There was no mirror to hand but Dave gets extra points for improvising with the Sky News camera lens.

As Paul Waugh tweeted earlier:

Scrapbook has managed to track down some video!

The look on Dermot Murnaghan’s face sums it up: cringe!

UPDATE 16:35 Hats off to MyDavidCameron for this tweet: “Cameron in need of a hairbrush, not an airbrush!”

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  32. I think this video says more about Sky’s camerawork than anything about David Cameron.

    Whoops – I mean lololol David suxxxx fuk da toriesss amirite

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  41. “UPDATE 11 MARCH Dave’s “hairbrush moment” is now the 3rd most viewed YouTube video in the world and is due to crack 40,000 views barrier later today.”

    Uh.. really?.. I don’t think so.

  42. @bskull You’re wrong. The video did crack 40,000 that day and is now at 68,000. Furthermore, the formula YouTube uses to calculate their most watched includes the rate of clicks, rather than just the total number of views in the last 24 hours. So, according to YouTube it was the 3rd most viewed video for a good chunk of March 11, as this screengrab clearly indicates:


    This tallies with the statistics on popular channels. Though a handful of other channels were rated higher, this was in most cases owing to more than one video. So Scrapbook was in the top 10 most viewed channels when the Cameron vid was at #3.

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