Tim Montgomerie wrote on Sunday that the Tories were about to “unveil three posters featuring three Labour supporters who now back the Conservatives (that will make them hard to deface!)”. Wrong – and we’ve even got a video this time!

The left have had great fun mocking Conservative Party posters but this should not be dismissed easily as blogosphere naval-gazing. As The Independent reported yesterday, we’ve forced them to rethink their entire paid advertising strategy.

They did try, bless them, releasing only lower resolutions of the latest adverts in an attempt to frustrate the creation of spoofs (you can have a play yourself here, here and here). This might explain the slight change in emphasis to Twitter, where lefties ran riot with a #ivenevervotedtory hashtag.

For Scrapbook, this latest salvo in the poster wars underlines what did not seem possible to many politicos at the close of play last year:

The left is actually enjoying this campaign.

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