With the Tory lunatic fringe right launching a British version of America’s Tea Party movement at Conservative Spring Conference this Saturday, Sunder Katwala writes at Next Left:

And so the battle to be Britain’s Sarah Palin is joined in earnest, with Hannan moving decisively to rein in the early lead taken by The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson and ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomerie.

Might it be time for a British Palinwatch on the political blogosphere to help keep score?

Taking “keeping score” more literally than Sunder intended, Scrapbook is proud to present the Palin-O-Meter! Significant articles, events and other developments related to our anti-tax revolutionaries will be given a rating on a scale up to ten, with the expression of Wasilla’s favourite daughter reflecting her view on the latest news.

Hannan et al are kitting up to do battle with the Cameroons?

Sarah gives this a 9.3!

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  13. ROFL Scaryduck! It all fits in with Cameron’s silly “Broken Britain” campaign, where he stands on a stage and hectors Britain telling us that we are really, really rubbish, and then he asks us to vote for him!

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