It must be Friday: Sky have published their top-10 “hottest MPs” based on polling from the previous four years (alas without pictures). Burnham and Flint fly the flag for Labour but the eleven finalists (including tied placed) include six Tories and three Lib Dems.

A former council leader’s description of John Prescott as “divinely sexy” impressed upon Scrapbook that politico crushes are a most subjective matter indeed. Has your favourite MP been missed off or otherwise underappreciated? Whose appearance in a Westminster Hall debate would leave you glued to BBC Parliament way past your bedtime?

Reveal your guilty secrets in the comments!

=10: Justine Greening (Con)

=10: Ed Vaizey (Con)

9: Theresa May (Con)

=7: Andy Burnham (Lab)

=7: Jeremy Hunt (Con)

6: Nick Clegg (LD)

5: Julia Goldsworthy (LD)

4: Adam Afriyie (Con)

3: Julie Kirkbride (Con)

2: Caroline Flint (Lab)

1: Lynne Featherstone (LD)

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  6. This does give credence to the old saying that the politics is Hollywood for ugly people. Also why is Margaret Beckett not on the list? Now there’s a stunner.

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