You didn’t seriously think that the sale of the so-called “Bloomberg for politics” to Tory deputy-chairman Lord Ashcroft would stop lefties from using it, did you? Scrapbook has been distracted by muckraking recently so please forgive any delay in noticing that PoliticsHome has been given a major dose of bling.

Real PH addicts may possibly have noticed the occasional feature they have enjoyed gratis now falling into their new charging model: “PoliticsHome Pro”. Most of the site still seems to be free, however, with the bulk of the paid-for service comprising new tools such as a “story tracker” feature and customised email briefings.

It’s still “in beta” and thus has some bugs – the ‘On Air’ section bizarrely won’t switch away from the Lib Dems (oh, dear!) – but is nevertheless well worth a look:

And what’s the number one story this morning?

“Lord Mandelson has scheduled a press conference for later this morning to capitalise on perceived confusion in the Tory line on spending over the weekend, after David Cameron ruled out “swingeing” cuts in 2010. The Conservatives deny any shift in policy.”

Great stuff!

“Now, about that free subscription…”

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