There have been some engrossing accounts of the last 48 hour’s internecine warfare in Westminster North from Iain Martin and Paul Waugh. The detail that jumped out at Scrapbook, however, was this from Andy McSmith at the Independent:

The sense of crisis was heightened by the appearance of two members of the Shadow Cabinet: the party chairman, Eric Pickles, in support of Ms Cash, and Lord Strathclyde, a Westminster resident and the Tory leader in the House of Lords, reported to have sided with Mrs Sayers.

An A-list uber-Cameroon throwing a strop and trying to resign less than three months before an election is one thing. Two cabinet ministers decamping to the constituency to take sides is another.

This incident may yet become a key point of reference in the story of Cameron’s effort to wrest control from, in Joanne Cash’s words, “dinosaur” elements of the party. And this tale may not end well for Cash, whose inner circle status and desire for “total victory” in this spat may make her a target for traditionalists.

You honestly couldn’t make it up.

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