Conservative campaign backfires (again) as Mock The Week slates "I've never voted Tory before" posters

CCHQ must be nursing the political equivalent of a red wine hangover. After a botched launch of their “Broken Britain” report (decimal points not included) segued seamlessly into another round of poster pisstakes this week, Conservatives awake this morning to the news that a YouGov poll puts them just 7 points ahead of Labour and 20 seats short of a majority. Even The Spectator is now passing comment on the number of “unforced errors” coming out of the Conservative campaign.

Following on from a gigantic 370-post “make your own David Cameron poster” thread on Mumsnet, yesterday evening provided yet more evidence that the left’s online attacks are gaining traction outside of the usual blogosphere/Twitter circles or even the watering holes of Westminster. Mock The Week, well, mocked Steve Hilton’s latest efforts for a whole two minutes and it was absolutely hilarious:

To over-simplify an argument made in The Independent this week:

Are the Tories going to kill the campaign poster?