UPDATE 19:28 Paul Waugh claims that Joanne Cash has now withdrawn her resignation and CCHQ are due to brief on it soon.

UPDATE 18:32 The line is “Westminster North Conservative Association has not accepted Joanne Cash’s resignation. CCHQ is working to resolve issues”. This is a very interesting wording: “we’re not accepting her resignation” is not the same as “I’m not resigning”.

UPDATE 18:09 Tory Bear reports that she won’t be resigning (after all) and a statement is imminent.

The Tories still haven’t resolved the issue of Joanne Cash’s candidacy in Westminster North.┬áChannel 4’s Cathy Newman isn’t the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous:

Someone, whether Cash herself or figures within her local party, have created a gigantic distraction and the Tory press operation seems to be completely floundering.

  1. Why did Joanne Cash resign in the first place?
  2. What was the nature of today’s wrangling between Cash, CCHQ and Westminster North Conservative Association?
  3. Has she now been re-instated as the PPC?

The slow response (it seems they can’t even sate lobby hacks with a vaguely accurate off-the-record briefing) is somewhat ironic given their claimed fleetness of foot over expenses in the past week.

Nature abhors a vacuum – and so does politics.

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