If stories emenating from Brent East pan out then expenses “saint” Sarah Teather may be forced to dismount her trusty high horse. An standards investigation from John Lyons is currently in full swing. Could the sermonising below and elsewhere return to haunt the diminutive Liberal Democrat?

The allegation made relates to the tenancy on her constituency office, which is also used for political activities by Teather’s local party. Liberal Democrat office-sharing shenannigans and opaque practices such as unincorporated, unauditable “printing societies” have been the obsession interest of Mancunian blogger Chris Paul (though – sadly – not the media) for some months.

Scrapbook has heard whisper that – should Lyons find against her – she may be getting a bill for £75,000.


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  8. What do you think of Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent South, charging the taxpayer for a second home in Brent when she already has a house in London?

  9. That’s legal.

    What Teather has allegedly done quite possibly ain’t.

    And she’s the one writing the Guardian articles.

    Seems pretty clear cut to me?

  10. It doesn’t look good but I’d be shocked if the IPSA or whoever gets to review this manage to get anything done in time for the election. What Sarah Teather has done may be politically dicey (I have to admit the blog post this is all based on was so badly written that I have no idea what has happened) but if I had to chose between someone who may possibly have done something wrong and someone who stole thousands and thousands of £s to have a second home on the other side of London I know who I’d vote for.

  11. Oh yes, Tom Miller, Woking PPC – it was all “within the rules”. So were the duck houses, moats, porn films, and all the other sorry shite. Capital punishment, rape within marriage, and votes only for men were all legal once. I suppose you would’ve supported those laws too, back then?

    Seems pretty clear cut to me.

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