It may no longer be the only blog with a weekly video (click here if you haven’t seen Conor Pope’s vlog) but Guy News is becoming required viewing – even for guilty lefties who quickly alt-tab back to The Staggers when surprised by a comrade.

In an act of Labour/Conservative non-partisanship unlikely to be repeated in the next parliament, or indeed the next five months, expenses angel trougher Sarah Teather had been the subject of something of a pincer movement from red and blue bloggers this week. The coup de grace has been delivered today by Tory Bear who surprised the Brent Liberal Democrat campaign unit at their office. And hats off to Emily Nomates for her Chris Morris-esque skewering of Lord Pearson, giving him precisely the amount of rope needed to hang his racist and patronising self (you almost expect him to refer to her as “dear”):

Like an A-level politics essay in reverse, Scrapbook will round this post off with a quote (part of which was used above and can be viewed here):

“I’m frankly astonished that when we’re in the middle of a recession and constituents are coming to us complaining they can’t afford to live, they can’t affor to pay their bills that MPs are still claiming money that they must know is  morally unjustified” – Sarah Teather


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