Thanks to the source who emailed to draw Scrapbook’s attention to the fact that, in relation to this week’s expenses revelations, Sarah Teather has in fact been “playing it by the book”.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, the book concerned isn’t Parliament’s Green Book on the appropriate use of expenses but the Liberal Democrats’ internal manual on fiddling the system, which was leaked to The Telegraph last autumn. The presentation describes “grey areas” in regulations, encouraging its MPs to “be imaginative” with public money and “spend to the limit” (click to enlarge):

Scrapbook and others are praying that this will finally throw the whole issue of Liberal expenses front and centre. Lib Dems, on the whole, escaped the most damaging revelations around second homes while engaging in all sorts of scams, fiddles and chicanery relating to other allowances. The moralising hypocrisy of MPs like Teather, who preached from the pulpit while the taxpayer funded their political campaigning and propaganda, is sick making.

Rumour has it that Teather will soon be fighting on two fronts:

A complaint to the Electoral Commission is in the works.

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