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  3. Do not agree. And Your fascistic call for his silencing because you don’t agree with what he’s saying doesn’t really smack of Voltarian Free speech.

    Please explain why conversely you think types such as Chaudhury deserve to stay in the UK creaming more benefits then active servicemen recieve wages?

    Up your game political scrapbook. It’s scrappy, forsure, but not political enough.


    I’m not trying to “censor” Rod Liddle but his barely veiled racism shouldn’t be rewarded with the editorship of the Independent. Should left wingers support him to prove to you that we believe in free speech? While we’re at it let’s replace Rusbridger with Richard Littlejohn(!) Happy now?

    There are six people you would probably get on with here:

    As for your last comment, things have been a bit gossipy lately although that’s not necessarily a disaster. Have a couple of substantial things on the back burner, two of which are print press-worthy, but bit strapped for time at the moment.

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  6. What do i think of Rod Liddle personally? Well, he is quite a politically and ideologically incoherent, and a very bitter and twisted closet socialist anarchist who makes very hateful statements against the upper and middle-classes on question time, and contradictorily against the BNP and hate-crimes against racial minorities, and politically his main hobby horse, axe to grind, and obsession for attention is being anti-political correctness – but he has no knowledge or understanding of the history, grey areas, pros and cons, and different uses of this, and he falls into the trap of being very romanticist and politically correct about the exclusively white working-classes – whilst he does sometimes make some genuinely brave statements about the force-feeding of information against all children by the national curriculum.

    [The rest of this comment has been deleted. We don’t want to invite a lawsuit!]

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