No, seriously. Really, just look at the screen grab below. Oh, all right then bloody well go and look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Eurosceptic loose-cannon-at-large Norman Tebbit has joined fellow troublemaker Daniel Hannan with his own blog over at the Telegraph (RSS feed here). And it takes him precisely 118 words to have a go at the Cameroons:

“About the only leading politican to show any [grit] these days seems to be the much-abused Prime Minister Brown. Grittiness and the stiff upper lip seem to have been replaced with emotional incontinence, political correctness and open-necked shirts worn with well cut suits.”

Open neck shirts, eh? To whom could the Noble Lord possibly be referring?

Scrapbook looks forward to┬áTebbit’s special brand of unreconstructed biggotry and “nasty party” quotes gaining mind share with journalists and bloggers in record time!

Thank you, God.

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